6d1397c942608ab428556132f4c0eecbI have a pain of a thousand men

A abyssal black sea

A mental den

To vanquish and conquer

An endeavour past yonder

I nail and board

Numbly cut off the cord

To recognize the thunder

Of a traumatic asunder

Is there peace beyond the rage?

Will I die of the silent plague?

In the distance I see A stillness in me

And all souls around Of love light and secrecy

To unlock and reconnect

And share at least a memory

A moment A choice Of being Of healing

A choice of which to stand and say ‘I have to nurture inside

Only then I will find inner peace of my body soul and mind.

Ally Sands June 2016

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Tree House Liverpool CIC

Tree House Liverpool C.I.C. aims to provide people with access to the support they need to recognise and realise their own potential.

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  • Suet_ierney@yahoo.co.uk'

    Sue Tierney

    Never in my life have I resonated to anything like this, this is immense Ally always be true to yourself and grow xx

    • 12:43 am - June 25, 2016

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