We are excited because our Wild Play project has been shortlisted to win a grant from www.tesco.com/bagsofhelp. Tesco teamed up with Groundwork on its Bags of Help initiative England and Wales which distributes the charge levied on single use plastic bags £!2.5 million in total. In our region (the north) three community groups and projects will be awarded a grant of £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 – all raised from the 5p bag charge. If you think our project should get the top grant and would like to support us you can vote in Tesco stores from the 26th September to 9th October.

Who we are:
Tree House Liverpool is a network of people who come together in Newsham Park seeking to enhance our wellbeing and that of the community around us by working together to enrich our shared environment. Our Park is a valuable asset in one of the most under- resourced areas in Liverpool. Four years ago, it was seen widely as littered, under used and unsafe place. Recently, Tree house has begun to change that, but now, with our Council facing further cuts, we want to be able to build on those improvements, This includes caring for trees, flower beds and clearing litter Most of all, we need to continue to strengthen the quality of our connections. In our shared space we seek to change attitudes and act together to enhance our physical and social wellbeing.

The project

‘Wild Days’ is a child- led project designed by those with a natural curiosity and concern for our green space in the park. Through it we will engage, other children, and families and local institutions in a calendar of activities including
 Building and enriching habitats for local wildlife
 Exploring and recognising a range of species by means of ‘ Bio Blitzing';.
 Creating a ‘Green Room’ filled with grass sofas, park art, stone mosaics and flower arches;
 Improving the water quality of our two lakes
 Designing and maintaining a vegetable and culinary herb patch; and
 Tree planting , sensory events and a whole range of days which will inspire others to come into contact and re- evaluate our relationship with our natural world.

Children will be empowered to draw in further resources which will enable them to lead, for example, ‘Bug Walks’ , ‘Butterfly Trails’ and community gatherings. By leading these activities, engaging others and seeking support, ‘Wild Days’ will not only develop the physical environment and a range of activities, it will also develop the capacity of those involved. They will learn by doing and, we believe, help make positive change into the future.

What would we do if you voted us into second place?
An extra £2000 would enable to develop a series of events designed to engage dogs and their owners. This will build on the small investment we have requested above. We would be able to build a ‘dogstacle’ course, collect ‘Dog Tales’ and have conversations about how our relationships with our dogs impacts our relationship with nature. We will also seek to tackle issues of dog fouling, dog damage to trees and micro-chipping. We will include opportunities to interweave – learning opportunities, using the way we train and relate to dogs to think about how we relate to each other.
What would we do if you voted us into the top spot?
We are seeking this funding to build upon commitments already secured, for example for trees from Liverpool City Council. The proposals we have presented in this application fulfil the ideas and current ambitions of the young people involved in ‘Wild Play’. These ambitions will develop, but we will seek further funding support separately so that we can allow the time for the children to develop their own ideas and take on a full leadership role in the design process.
How do we know that people in our community want this project?

In May 2014, we held a community event attended by 250 people (including local residents, organisations, councillors and the MP) who developed a series of priorities for our local park and the wider community We have since engaged 35 people in an audit of the park, noting areas for improvement. In May 2016, we again asked the community what they would like to see in the park and there was a particular focus on the cultivation of bio-diversity. Over this period of three years, we have also had hundreds of conversations about the improvement of our shared environment. These have affirmed the need for a sustainable connection with each other and our piece of the planet. We believe supporting children to lead the way will ensure sustainability, shifting attitudes and responsibilities for our future as a community.

We know through our conversations in the park and feedback through Facebook and through Twitter that people have noticed the changes we have helped bring about in the park. It feels safer, more people go and everyone takes better care of it. We want to continue to build on this support through these activities putting children and our future at its heart.

What will our project achieve?

The primary purpose of this activity is to engage a group of children who are already inspired by the biodiversity of the park to recruit others to care about this too so that together we can take action to both conserve and enrich local habitats for wildlife

The programme of activities we will develop through ideas generated by the children we will involve them, their peer group, their families and the wider community in mapping, walking, exploring, planting, digging and a whole host of other things which mean people will be out getting active in the their local park.

We know through our past experience that this will enable them to enhance their wellbeing. All of our work is informed by the New Economic Foundation’s 5 ways to wellbeing and these will be interwoven throughout the provision. These are connect, stay active, take notice, keep learning and give. As volunteers they will be giving their time, effort and energy to make a positive impact. This will be celebrated by us and other members of the community.

Through getting new people into the park we, from previous experience know we will draw people in who have not previously had the confidence to do so. These include many who are lonely, socially and/or economically excluded or suffering poor mental or physical health. Over time we are increasingly both the numbers and diversity of the people who use the park. We are reclaiming it as a shared, safe place which provides sanctuary for everyone including our wild life.
For bees, butterflies, birds, fish, fowl and human Vote for US!!!

For any further information please contact us at mail@treehouseliverpool.co.uk


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