What does Tree House mean to you FV3We asked you what tree house meant to you and this is what you told us.  We now need you to help us write our next chapter. 

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Tree House Liverpool C.I.C. aims to provide people with access to the support they need to recognise and realise their own potential.

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  • Tinsle0912@gmail.com'


    Such an amazing idea! Both my children love getting down and dirty in the fresh air! Thanks!

    • 9:52 pm - April 13, 2018

  • aliveankicking2004@gmail.com'


    Firstly the name tree house takes me right back to being a kid. Going on adventures exploring, building dens and eventually tree houses, bringing a smile to my face remembering the other kids all mucking in and working together to build our own home (den) the sense of doing stuff together and creating something from nothing and then standing back as a group (gang) and admiring what we have created with pride and that sense of belonging and unity connected by the magic of youth and it still to this day provokes that same passions and thinking that together we can make a difference we can begin to mend the fragmented families and communities “the tree house” means to me “WE CARE” keep up the good stuff guys Respect


    • 10:32 am - April 14, 2018

    • Tree House Liverpool CIC

      Thanks. Means a lot that you think so. We hope we find a way to keep going but need all the help we can get!

      • 10:48 am - April 14, 2018