Our Vision

To thrive we all need access to spaces which are safe enough for us to lower our defenses and allow ourselves to just be. A tree house is a such a place, a playful retreat in nature. A place from which we can safely view the world, where we can play, create and gain new perspectives A place in which we can easily connect to what is good and beautiful in ourselves and in our world. A tree house exemplifies the spirit that we want to cultivate.


Tree House Liverpool C.I.C. aims to provide people with access to the support they need to recognise and realise their own potential. We provide an enabling environment, access to one-to-one support and a menu of opportunities for people to find their own path to greater well-being. Much of our current activity takes place in and around Newsham Park. Our aim is to draw people into the park and its neighbourhoods to reclaim and enhance our shared space and by doing so save ourselves. Our Animators are those who embody this spirit and help bring this philosophy to life.

Our Principles

Whoever comes are the right people

Everyone is welcome, everyone has something to contribute.

Whatever happens is the only thing that can

What is important to do is what feels right in that moment.

Whenever it starts is the right time

Join in when the time feels right for you.

When it is over, then it is over

Things come to their natural conclusion and everything has a season.


Bringing the philosophy to life

Our Recent Activities

The enabling environments we have facilitated
  • IMG_4382
    Environmental Projects

    We want to enrich our local environment making it a more welcoming and diverse place not just for humans but for birds, butterflies, bees and other mammals. Wild Days create opportunities to do that on a monthly basis and our work so for has resulted...Read More

  • IMG_0188

    At least twice a month a group of people go out into Newsham Park and do a bit of gardening together. We’ve been doing it for over two years now. Over that time we have made a noticeable impact on the beds in the Rose Garden we tend together and ha...Read More

  • GreenGym4
    Green Gym

    The Green Gym offers an space for people to reconnect to their physical self, to a diverse group of people and to the natural environment in the fresh air. It helps create a mindful place of pleasure and movement in which exercise and physical acti...Read More

  • IMG_7132
    Personal Development & Learning

    We are about discovering and developing what is good in us and others so that together we can create a better shared world. To assist us do this we have developed a number of structured opportunities to create space which is safe enough for us to hea...Read More

  • 11402943_382697288590489_5254672186387542024_n
    Philosophy & The Mind

    We want to connect to ourselves and our full potential including that of our minds.  Philosophy in the Park is an opportunity to explore how and what we think. We gather to discuss a subject and to think ab...Read More

  • ArtPortfolio
    Street Art

    When we get involved in our public spaces and our communities they start to mean more to us.  It is increasingly critical for us to invest in where we live, respecting and looking after it and each other.  This is as true of our local environment a...Read More