Our working philosophy is that we have most of the capacity we need to find our own way to a greater sense of well-being in ourselves. This is partly because most things that make us happy our free and we can have a massive affect on both our burdens and opportunities by the way we engage in them. Connecting with ourselves, others and the wider environment is a proven pathway to well-being. 


  • We are both our own worst enemies and our greatest, potential for change. Connecting with ourselves, who we are, and understanding our own capacities is essential to finding our own route to sustainable well-being. The truth is, that the only advice we will consistently follow is our own.
  • To make the most of ourselves however we also need other people. We need them to remind us what is good and useful and funny and smart about us and to challenge, test, inform, expand, enthuse and encourage. We also need people who know things and people that we don’t know. We might need that someone for 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days, 5 years or for the rest of our lives. All of these connections matter.
  • And all of these connections are increasingly difficult in a world where we are more and more often segregated into groups which are defined for and not by us through age, hobby, occupation, life event, illness, disease or dependency. Being able to invite people to be part of a very richly diverse network of people who are connected through a common desire to make our shared space a more generous, kind and beautiful one, is our purpose in life. Enabling people to connect with the environment and world around them underpins all our purposeful activities.