The New Economics Foundation has developed an evidence-based framework, known as the Five Ways to Wellbeing, that enable people to understand how they could act to enhance their own well-being. The activities and environments we help to facilitate have these five actions at their core. We do not claim to be doing things for people and we do not have a building or a narrowly defined aim or client group. If anything Tree House is an spirit which enables people to feel included, safe and that they have something of value to contribute.

All our activities have been created by and out of the passion and commitment of people like us. There is no compulsion, you do not have to sign up, you do not have to conform or become a member or make a long term commitment. All you need to do is to come as yourself and join in. By being involved with others in doing something positive, the impact of which can be seen in a public space, will enable you feel much, much better about yourself. We know this because it has worked for us.



Building connections with those around us to support and enrich our life.

Be Active

Feeling good to be in and use our bodies.

Take Notice

Being curious, looking around and seeing the world.

Keep Learning

Learning new things boosting our confidence as well as our understanding.


It feels good to give.