Environmental Projects

  • Wild Days Activity designed to enrich our ecology.
  • Litter Picks and campaignsReducing our negative impact on our park.
  • Bandstand renovation Restoring the bandstand and developing a community programme.
  • Tree TrailsWe're mapping our tree planting activities and environmental impact using an interactive app.

We want to enrich our local environment making it a more welcoming and diverse place not just for humans but for birds, butterflies, bees and other mammals. Wild Days create opportunities to do that on a monthly basis and our work so for has resulted in the development of two wild life habitats in the park. We have also planted wild flowers and increased the number of nectar bearing plants and trees in the formal gardens. We’ve been mapping our tree planting activities and our environmental impact using the TiCL app. To see our trails, Click Here.

We do what we can to reduce the negative impact we have on our environment. This includes litter picks and campaigns aimed at reducing fly tipping and dog fouling. We are also working to change what we feed ducks and geese from bread to things which are healthier for them and our shared habitat. In addition we work to improve the built environment and seek to enhance its capacity to support us and our community to engage in activity which contributes to our social, economic and physical health.