Green Gym

  • Yoga Weekly yoga session open to all.
  • WalksA range of strolls and walks where we take notice of our environment.
  • Dog walksWalk with your own or other people's dogs.

The Green Gym offers an space for people to reconnect to their physical self, to a diverse group of people and to the natural environment in the fresh air. It helps create a mindful place of pleasure and movement in which exercise and physical activity can be feel transformed from a duty into a more enjoyable part of everyday life. It’s surprising the difference it makes just to be outdoors and to move in sympathy with the elements. When you feel more connected to nature, to yourself and to others, it helps the process of making positive changes to your own mind, body and spirit that much more possible.  Do it in the company of generous, kind and welcoming people and its even better.  We offer a range of activities from yoga to walking and other park sports, and welcome ideas for providing more.