Personal Development & Learning

  • CoachingOne to one coaching sessions.
  • Compeering Access to a network of peer support.
  • Learning to Fly A 4 month personal and professional development programme with a peer group.

We are about discovering and developing what is good in us and others so that together we can create a better shared world. To assist us do this we have developed a number of structured opportunities to create space which is safe enough for us to hear our own wisdom and challenge ourselves to grow. This includes coaching, access to a network of peer support, and personal development programmes.  We also ensure that all the environments into which people can come as they are and be open and for it to be safe enough to share both their hardships and their joy.  We do this by being thoughtful, considerate and kind.  By being punctual, reliable, trustworthy and by noticing when things aren’t right for people.  We are also willing to seek to challenge and change behaviours and attitudes which are destructive.  Whilst we never exclude a person there are behaviours we will challenge because they are harmful to everyone.  Being congruent, being willing to have conversations about the things that really matter, being willing to identify and address difficult issues and seek and secure good outcomes are skills we all need to develop in order to live more fulfilling lives.  It is these skills, attitudes and aptitudes we seek to cultivate in ourselves and others in the work we do together.