Philosophy & The Mind

  • Philosophy in the ParkA monthly conversation about a range of philosophical topics.
  • Chi KungGentle exercise comprising of movement, breathing techniques and meditation.
  • Grandstand in the BandstandA series of events that use creative forms to stimulate discussion.

We want to connect to ourselves and our full potential including that of our minds.  Philosophy in the Park is an opportunity to explore how and what we think. We gather to discuss a subject and to think about the many different ways we use words. We listen closely to each other and try to understand the different ideas others have.  Perhaps, occasionally, we change some of our ways of thinking about the world we share. Chi Kung, is a gentle exercise comprising of movement, breathing techniques & meditation which brings us to our full selves. A beautiful, soothing stretch which does you good as does being outside somewhere beautiful in nature. Grandstand in the Bandstand is a series of creative stimuli events – from film screenings to performances – that provoke discussion, challenge ways of thinking, and provide spaces for new ideas to be explored. All of these activities promote our ‘time to think’ practice, enabling us to become more awake and alert by stimulating and engaging our minds.