Street Art

  • Murals Plaster Board Murals for installation in public spaces
  • Cat-aloguing Cat painting (no real cats are used)
  • Pavement Art Painting pavements (impermanently)

When we get involved in our public spaces and our communities they start to mean more to us.  It is increasingly critical for us to invest in where we live, respecting and looking after it and each other.  This is as true of our local environment as it is for our global environment.  Our creative outings are an invitation to do exactly this; to connect with each other and our surroundings. Our street art work on West Derby Road as well as hiding decay and detritus has brought nature into our urban surroundings making where we live a more attractive and interesting place.

Painting or making is fun, it feels good to create and explore imaginations and ideas. It’s feels good to play and there is no pressure to be Van Gogh. It’s about the process and taking part whether that’s making a mark or taking part in the commentary and conversations it provokes. Expressing ourselves, feeling the achievement of making things look better, of creating together something we can look back on and feel proud of.

Art should be welcoming and inclusive to everyone and ours is. So bring yourselves to any of the events we do, say hello and we can see about finding you a paintbrush.

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”