You are likely to see Karen in a skip looking for rubbish or, as she would see it, material capable of transformation, or going equipped to be artistic somewhere.  She is playful, has an artistic sensibility, makes creative connections, sees possibilities and perspectives where others see none.  You might see her painting cats, transforming something ugly into something beautiful and wishing to inspire those around her to be equally, and uniquely, expressive.  She can also, when called for, climb trees for Tiggers.

Loving, playful, calm, still, creative, connected, bizarre, seeing capacity in everything and everyone, meditative, curious, expansive, poetic, lyrical, slightly deranged, capable of brilliance, insightful but also an occasional, but fluent, speaker of gobshite in a West Country accent. She thinks that everyone has creative potential and wants to make a world where everyone has the space to cultivate and express this.

Motto – “Gurt Lush!”