You are likely to see Michelle being absolutely lovely to someone, showing kindness, generosity and concern, often to complete strangers.  You can hear her laugh from a mile away.  She lightens things, she brings joy and playfulness and the capacity to ease peoples’ burdens by sharing their pain.  You will often see her running.  It will be because she is late because she connected to someone or something so deeply that she had become lost in that moment.

Kind, still, loving, generous, curious, open, hungry, expansive, brave, emotionally intelligent, empathetic, thought provoking, clever, vulnerable, remembers everything, sensitive, compassionate, funny, and beautiful though she will not thank you for saying so. She thinks that everyone is good, that we can heal anything, that love conquers all, that pain has to be faced and the truth told and that together we can transform our world.

Catch phrase – “Where’s my phone!?”