You are likely to see Mike walking (grumpily) to work across the park or standing, powerless, whilst a small black and white Spaniel runs rings round him or bringing his sardonic insights to Philosophy in the Park or helping, modestly and in the background, to ensure that things go smoothly.

Honest, kind, truthful, thoughtful, thought provoking, aloof, ever present, sharp, sardonic, gentle, loving and safe.  He is a very good person though he would strongly deny this if asked!  As someone once said of him, he is a highly educated man but it does not seem to have done him any harm. He thinks that what he thinks is unimportant and more so the older he gets.  What he is interested in is what other people think and wants to be part of a process which helps everyone to think about what we are doing in a more considered way.

His motto – “Think for yourself”.