Congratulations you are a human being and that means, by definition, you are an amazing creature.

You inherit a brain which has gone through thousands of years of evolution.  This means that you can sense, feel, interpret and act in the world in an incredible way. You also have something that we share with no other creature on the planet.  This is the capacity for conscious awareness. Which means that every single one of us has the ability to choose what, and who we are, and how we think, feel and behave to a significant degree. And yet so often we do not make the most of this capacity. We don’t deal with past trauma so are condemned to keep making the same mistakes and falling into the same traps. We avoid thinking and talking about difficult or painful issues so are condemned to never resolving them. We often don’t have positive relationships with ourselves and pretend we are making decisions when really we are just reacting.

Therefore we think that it is important to invest in good thinking practices in ourselves and others. To learn how to listen to our inner wisdom and really attend to what other people are saying and thinking. To develop more appreciative self talk so that we encourage ourselves to grow. To be more aware when we are reacting rather than responding and as a result make more life enhancing choices. To develop better thinking environments, and habits. To know more quickly when things are not working for us and take steps to put them right.  To create the spaces in our lives where we can have the conversations with those around us about the things that really matter to us. We cultivate these habits and practices through all our activities but specifically through our compeering network, coaching and through our personal learning and development programmes.