Tree Trails



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Take a walk with us round our beautiful Newsham Park and visit all the beautiful trees which have been funded by donations and planted by local people over the last 2 years.  We choose them and their locations guided by the principle that they must all add to the ecology of the park.  An ecology which includes a respect for its past, present and future as well as to all the creatures, (insects, birds, fish, humans and other animals) who rely on and enjoy it.  Those that reflect the history of our park include exotics like the Tulip Tree, Flowering Cherries and Liquid Ambers to honour our parks creator Kemp and the spirit of the Victorian Plant hunters.  All the trees are positioned in a way which pays respect to the original lay out of the park and the avenues and wooded areas but we also choose them to reflect more contemporary issues.  The native species – the birches, rowans, wild cherries, prunus avium, hawthorn and beeches were chosen because they provide valuable habitats for insects who in turn provide food for our wild life.  In our research learnt a great deal not least that many of the trees we would have sworn were natives – such as the horse chestnut – are not.  They were brought here by the Romans and since them the ‘native’ species of this land have been enriched by many varieties who we have come to adopt as our own.  Their inclusion in the list reflected our increasingly diverse community and the acceptance that we are all part of one planet.  We have also planted a ‘new wood’ with whips given to us by the Woodland Trust.  This and the planting of trees like the oak which can live for 1000s of years provoked conversations amongst about time, the fleeting nature of our own lives and the responsibility we have to those who come after us.  We hope that you enjoy the trail and if you have any comments you want to make on the fabulous App – that you can view in full here or by clicking on the map image – then please let us know.